A moment of madness = 200 obstacles, 20 miles

It was a moment of madness, as I closed the confirmation page one thing was going through my mind; “What have I done?” The video clip lasted just over 3 minutes and is full of people smiling, having fun and sharing high fives all whilst conquering obstacles, not easy obstacles but doable obstacles (or are they?). The chimp in my brain (if you’ve read “The Chimp Paradox” you will understand, if you’ve not, well you should) couldn’t hide it’s excitement and clicked “sign me up”, the computer in me (another Chimp Paradox reference) rebooted just as confirmation arrived. I had signed up for Rat Race Dirty Weekend 200 obstacles spread over 20 miles ( http://ratrace.com/dirtyweekend/ ).  A hard task for most but when you consider that at 4’11”, having never ran more than 6km and my OCR experience is 3 5km events over the last 2 years, you get an insight into the journey ahead.

mud2 me taking a dive during the major series in Leeds 2016

There’s one more thing, my ex-squaddie dad turns 50 in January, what would any self-respecting first-born do for their father? You guessed it, he’s signed up too. So here marks the countdown (356 days as I’m writing) to one of the toughest physical challenges I have ever attempted. What better way to stay accountable than to blog about this journey to Burghley, my successes, my mistakes and my failures.



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