The next steps – getting some preparation time.

A further week has passed and the dust has settled, I now have a sense of excitement as I look to plan the journey ahead. I am aware that a goal set for a year away can creep up and smack you in the unprepared face, leaving you shell shocked and re-evaluating your goals. Realising this I set myself the goal this week to identify a couple of “preparation runs” in the next few months – the problem with this is you begin to realise just how expensive a hobby this Obstacle Racing can be. Luckily I came across an article in Obstacle Race Magazine that alerted me to the idea of volunteering at events in order to get a free (or discounted run). As a result my first “preparation” event will be June 25th Spartan sprint in Manchester ( for more details), although looking at the Videos I am confident this will be a challenge in itself. I have also dragged a colleague of mine along for the fun, she is a much more experienced runner and one of those strange people that actually find just running relaxing; apparently this happens when you run often. I am yet to reach that point.


“The person you are now and the person you want to be are only separated by your actions.”

Unknown author


So far I haven’t changed my diet, although I’m looking at losing about 8kg to make some of the obstacle I know I will face just slightly easier.  I have been looking at some nutrition theories, Paleo, Dolce Diet, IIFYM, Zone diet and calorie counting are just some of the “theories” that come up on this subject. Why is it so complicated? Is it actually that complicated? I’m liking the idea of Paleo diet but really the limited carbohydrates is something I think will be difficult for my body to adapt to; I am a showcase for the emotion “Hangry” when on low carbohydrates. So that’s where I am going to start this week I am aiming for 75% of my diet to be based on the paleo principles, I do this knowing it won’t be easy and that preparation will be key to success but it’s only 7 days.


Training wise I have never been more motivated to get out and train, to the point that I am having to reign myself in so that I increase the workload slowly, minimise injury and overtraining. In terms of actual training I have long been an advocate doing what you enjoy; sounds simple I know but I see so many people spending hours on CV machines or resistance machines purely because they think they have to. So that’s what I’m sticking by I have done intervals work on the treadmill, bodyweight circuits, some kettlebell and barbell work and even one long (for me) run. A 6.2km run primarily along the Leeds-Liverpool canal. From the first step it felt like someone had placed concrete blocks in my shoes so to actually run farther than I ever had before was a huge positive. The next week will be more of the same, I am aiming to hit 7km on my “long” run, other than that my training will be largely more of the same.

So that’s this weeks targets set 7 days Paleo, 7Km run small targets but these small steps are forming the foundation on which I can build the characteristics necessary for successfully completing my Rat Race challenge.



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