Shouting about success, contemplating failure and changing plans.

A week of goals achieved, not achieved and curve balls thrown, all in the name of preparation. In my last blog I wrote about a 7km target distance for the week, on Monday I ran 7.7km in just under 55 minutes, it may not be considered by most to be fast but for me it was the farthest distance and longest time I’d ran non stop. I still cannot believe how good this run felt. Like many people I us an app to record my runs, I use Strava, it lets me not only monitor that run but compare to previous efforts and other local runners. I find that all this data means that there’s always something I can aim for, helping me stay motivated.


This week also brought with it the news that Spartan Race UK were cancelling their Spartan Sprint event in Manchester, Bang goes my first preparation event! So now I have a weekend set aside for fun and mud but no event. Looking around the suffering race ( ) appears to be the best around at that time. It has a choice of distances, seems reasonably priced and the highlights video looks amazing. The 5Km and 10Km are currently the same price leaving the choice to just do the 5Km or double the value by doing 10km. Oh the choices!

Diet wise, Paleo did not work for me, or rather I didn’t put the time in that is needed to succeed at this rather extreme diet. I’d say around 60% of my diet was “Paleo”, not quite achieving my target but a step in the right direction to cleaning up my diet. Do I see this as failure? Well strictly speaking I didn’t achieve success but I did learn from the experience and as long as you are learning can you count anything as failure? As I move forward I’ve got more to do in terms of cleaning my diet up but right now I’m enjoying experimenting with food, mixing the training up and living an active life.

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