Thumbs up for the OCR community!


Unusually for me I signed up for an OCR on my own, no friends or family running with me, I was entering unknown territory. To add to the challenge I signed up for the suffering race notorious for its “not less than” statements that preceed it’s distances. I signed up for the 10km (read Not less than 10km) my longest OCR to date.

I arrived at Rockingham castle to the view of a water container to be climbed into and out of, followed shortly be the maze of fences to be climbed/vaulted, cue the adrenaline fuelled butterflies. Registration over and I find myself surrounded by teams of strangers wearing red, black and white tops and the mythical group known only as “Legends”. Looking at some of the obstacles that were ahead and feeling distinctly alone I began questioning the sanity of signing up. Shortly after the smoke went up I found myself standing on some guys shoulder, before helping a lady down a muddy slope. I soon realised I wasn’t on my own I was with a much larger all-encompassing team, the OCR community. This sense of camaraderie continued throughout the 3+ hours I was on the course.

man.jpgIn addition to other participants the marshals were fantastic, two marshals made my day. Firstly the girl by the first cargo net wearing a dryrobe whom made the waiting for the obstacle fly by as we performed a group rendition of “heads, shoulders, knees and toes” and “If you’re happy and you know it…” a real mood lifter as the heavens opened and the thunder rolled in. The second shout out goes to the guy at the bottom of the log carry wearing a muddy race buff whose attitude made everyone laugh.


I’m not going to write a full review as I’m confident those with far more extensive OCR experience will offer there opinions and write a more informed review. However as a relative newbie I found the suffering a great experience, I have learned that walls and ropes are not as easy as they look and an increase in overall strength is a must, bring on the training! Aerobically I felt good, which was just as well given that “Not less than 10km” actually equated to 14-15km.

The obvious question everyone asks is “would you do it again?” in all honesty yes I would, in fact I’ll go further than that and say I intend on taking part in the October series, I just haven’t decided what distance. Would I recommend the event to others, undoubtedly yes, but don’t take it lightly the name is not just a gimmick!

As I’ve said in previous blogs  (getting started ) these blogs are tracking my journey into the OCR community and through to participation in the rat race Dirty weekend next year. This journey is not all about personal achievements and enjoyment but also raising funds for two great charities. Please take the time to read the previous blogs and if you feel fit support us in our fundraising efforts by clicking the link.

support Karli and Pete

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