the return of mojo


My training mojo has returned! I’m not sure where it’s been but prior to the last week or so I was having real difficulty convincing myself to train. I forced myself to go for a run, just a steady 10km I told myself, yet somehow I hit a PB (1:10:29) still slightly above my target of 1:10, which I will be having another crack at this week, but a whole 2 minutes faster than my previous best. The whole run felt horrible, I felt like I was running through treacle the whole time. Psychologically it was hard to keep going as my trusty strava reminded me just how hard going it was. I have strava set to give updates every 1km, usually these updates are great, they motivate you, remind you to keep pace and allow you to keep track of how far you’ve gone. On this run however every update was a reminder that I was running on average 30sec/km slower than I have been recently. The key for me though was to remind myself just how far I’d come. Two months ago a 10km run would have been out of the question (a non-stop 5km would have been a challenge) yet there I was running a steady 10km as an easy run feeling disappointed by my km splits. You just can’t please some people.


Away from running I have been combining Zuu (a primal bodyweight training system) with Crossfit style training. Zuu is amazing, it’s all about you controlling and unlocking movement patterns. The animal based movements look so easy yet put together it quickly chops away at your breathing pattern and quickly gives you a good dose of lactic. From that point on the choice is simple, listen to the headtalk and stop or ignore it and continue. There are a few movements that I struggle with technically that when combined with the metabolic demands of the workout are guaranteed to have me questioning the way forward. Crossfit wise I do a Crossfit style session a couple of times a week, I enjoy the way it tests aspects of strength when you’re already in a fatigued state in much the same way you get on obstacle courses. I’m no expert at planning training for obstacle course running, having only completed 4 before with very little preparation, so my training is very much a big experiment. So far combing running, Zuu and crossfit are providing me with some great progress. The next opportunity to check my progress is the Spartan Super in September.


I can understand how some people book weekly events, it’s not even one month since my last event yet it feels so long ago. I have also discovered a previously unknown addiction to obstacle race magazine, each edition is read and re-read to gain every ounce of information that may help. In addition to the knowledge, you get race reviews and upcoming race calendars. Now all that is needed is a bank account as large as my todo list. Well we can all dream!


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