I ran, I swam, I conquered

Well this week has been full of milestones! Firstly I conquered the open water swim, well sort of. After some practice and acclimatisation between the jetties I got back out of the lake, across the pontoon and jumped in. Feet first and scoring around 1.5 for grace but I did it, and the success continued. Setting the goal of hitting the next buoy I swam a recognised stroke the whole way around the course. Yes there was tantrums, yes there was panics and yes I still wanted to get out but  after successfully making it around not once but twice (yes my wife is that pushy) I left feeling knackered but just a little bit proud of myself. Does this mean my fear of water is conquered, not at all but it is a positive memory to bank away for when the fear kicks in. 

As for running I set myself the target of running a sub 90minute 10km by the end of July and today I achieved just that. I acknowledge this is not a fantastic time by “runners” standards but for me and my short legs it’s a far cry from where we were a few months ago. There has been less success on the pull up front I’ve achieved two unassisted with a slight kip but fallen short of the 5, not only that but having spent so long on pull ups my chin ups have suffered too. Overall though training appears to be heading in the right direction.

Ratrace have had a few events recently and each one looks so professionally ran, the reviews are always top notch and they really seem to go the extra mile for participants. I cannot wait to get in on the action next year at the dirty weekend, I can see this being the start of the journey with so many cool challenges I think a season pass maybe in order. And getting to raise awareness and funds for a couple of worthwhile causes makes it all even more fun. 


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