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Taking it easy Vs Being sensible


This blog was supposed to be a review of, what would likely have been, a great afternoon of fun at The Suffering, 6 months and 7 days before the big one, Rat race Dirty Weekend . However rather than a tale of excitement and fun, feats of endurance and strength as I dragged myself and family through what looked like an adults playground, this blog is about road blogs, sulking and geeking out!

rat race

With my final Obstacle run of 2016 just days away and excitement building my body gave me a sharp reminder that not all is well, Body 1 – Fun 0! It may have been a shift at work involving lots of lifting, stubbornness at pilates (Note to self – that look and “is that ok” question actually means “try the lower option”) or it may have been the culmination of a busy training week. Whatever the reason the result was the same, a missed weekend with the family and an unused race entry. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement, and even by my relatively unsociable standards, I have been in serious need of an “approach with caution” sign above my head as I pulled off a rather impressive angry elf impression.


Two days of sulking and being fed up is over, it’s time to return to being grateful for the progress I’ve made and look forward to the remaining journey to the Full Mucker. Six months, six days and 12 hours to prepare for a challenge that will test endurance, strength and guts. Plenty of time in normal circumstances however, in just over a months time I am expecting to undergo abdominal surgery with a 6-8 week recovery period. Yes that is cutting it fine, but I like a challenge.


I’ve written before about controlling my competitive/stubborn streak and although I still need to work on that I am making progress. More and more I’m able to ignore others and focus on myself, my form and my movements. Despite this shift in attitude friends and family still insist on telling me to “take it easy” something I find difficult to understand when it comes to training.


How much progress can actually be made by “taking it easy”? My thinking is not much! So here lies the problem, how can I make progress towards my goals of being in the best shape possible for surgery, facilitating my recovery and preparation for the rat race weekend whilst not aggravating my current circumstances. As a geek knowledge and understanding are my tools of choice, my thinking being, that if you understand how and why things work it’s easier to make informed decisions, make the most of training time and avoid anything that might aggrevate or detract from training. So this weekend my kindle has taken a hammering, a reading list containing texts on calisthenics, Heart rate training, Yoga and pilates  has been created as I look to plan my training for the next month in the most “sensible” way I know. Stay tuned to find out if it works or if the angry elf returns.


Why I’m doing what I’m doing



Time to Suffer. 

This weekend I will be returning to Rockingham, this time to the speedway, although speed is the last thing I will be aiming for. It’s time for the suffering race part 2. Initially I had planned to do the 10mile event although current circumstances and an attempt to be “sensible” (well as sensible as you can be entering an event named the Suffering) means the 5km will be the challenge of choice. The Suffering is the event I’ve enjoyed the most this year and  seems the fitting way to end my OCR season. I will undoubtedly be paying for membership to “team suffering” next year. Who knowsI may  even  attempt to become a Legend. 

This event is likely to be the final preparation event before the Big one – Rat Race Dirty Weekend. The journey to this point has been full of peaks and troughs and the coming months are likely to bring more physical and mental challenges.  Throughout this journey I never forget the reason for the journey, yes the personal challenge is a factor but raising funds and aware Awarenessfor the Royal British Legion and Scottys little soldiers is always the priority. 

Training started so well, PBS on an almost weekly basis, running became my new best friend. More recently running has been joined by swimming and pilates. Less PBs have been coming my way but I feel more well rounded and I’ve had my eyes opened to a whole new world of potential challenges – did anyone say Great North Swim?  triathlon?, Suffering Legend? Spartan Trifecta? The possibilities are endless!