6 month celebrations!

Today marks the 6 month point after my hysterectomy. It feels like only yesterday whilst also feeling like a lifetime away. In those 6 months I’ve completed two triathlons and an Aquathon, broken swim and run PBS and created some cycling ones! It’s not been easy there have been pain, tears and tantrums but we got through and for that I need to say thank you. 

Firstly thank you to all of you who told me how long and painful a recovery it would be. Thank you to those who told me I wouldn’t be fit enough to do anything this year, or that I wouldn’t return to the training I enjoy. Whatever your motivation to put me down your negativity motivated me to prove you wrong! 

Thank you also to those friends and family who had faith in me, who stuck by me through the tantrums, and who encouraged me to set the challenging goals and push my fitness. You are all amazing!

Plans now include a 10k and a half marathon run, a 20mile obstacle run (postponed from last year) and a step up to Olympic distance tri, oh yeah and complete my ITT year. There’s no holding back now!!!


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